Prof. Dr. S N Gupta
Vice Chancellor & Distinguish Professor
MAM University

It is a matter of honor and immense pleasure that destiny has given me an opportunity to lead Maganbhai Adenwala Mahagujarat University.

MAM University has been established with a mission to educate doctors, nurses, hospital technicians and health-sector professionals to global standards, and in doing so, to significantly raise health standards by focusing on what is core to the medical sciences: all elements of the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

The Goal and Vision of the University is to provide a uniform comprehensive structured curriculum for all the courses and the programs that would come under the ambit of the University. The university would ensure that ample infrastructure is created for affecting research in all the streams of health sciences.

The University is committed to generate, disseminate, and preserve the knowledge and to collaborate with other institutions for the exceptional quality of our faculty members. My team is embarking on a number of exciting, international academic and research collaboration initiatives with researchers and organizations of global repute.

At MAM University we strive to teach and inspire values of sincerity, accountability, collaboration and inclusiveness which we believe are the basic tenets of integrity. We aimed to preserve our cultural, traditional and holistic values in education system which kept our country at the position of Viśvaguru for several millennia. We also cherish the role we have in preparing the next generation of health professionals in an environment that fosters diligence in service, compassion and genuine kindness.
All our students, without exception can hope to discover an entirely new world of co-curricular opportunities. Ultimately we hope to shape our students into extraordinary leaders, academicians, practitioners, scientists, inventors and value-based professionals.
As Vice-Chancellor, my dream for MAM University is to be known as the most pioneering, vibrant and exciting place to study and to meet your dreams & expectations.

I would like to conclude by quoting Shree Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel that “There is something unique in this soil, which despite many obstacles has always remained the abode of great souls.”

Looking forward to welcoming you in the University.