Hostel Facilities

At MAGANBHAI ADENWALA MAHAGUJARAT UNIVERSITY, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional living experiences for our students through our state-of-the-art hostel facilities. With separate accommodations for both boys and girls, our fully furnished hostels offer a comfortable and secure environment equipped with all essential amenities. From spacious rooms to nutritious meals, we prioritize the well-being and convenience of our students. Our dedicated wardens ensure a nurturing atmosphere, providing pastoral care and support whenever needed. At MAM University, we believe in fostering a home away from home, where students can focus on their academic pursuits while enjoying a safe and enriching living experience within our hostel community.


At DPCN, safety and punctuality are paramount, especially when it comes to transportation. Our nursing institute offers a secure transport facility with our own fleet of buses, ensuring students reach their destinations safely and on time.


At MAGANBHAI ADENWALA MAHAGUJARAT UNIVERSITY, our National Service Scheme (NSS) stands as a testament to our commitment to community engagement. Through the NSS, we regularly coordinate a myriad of activities at both our Ayurveda and Nursing colleges, channelling our students’ energy towards meaningful social contributions. Moreover, we actively host camps under the NSS banner, fostering a culture of service and instilling in our students the values of compassion and responsibility towards society.


We celebrate diversity and inclusivity through a rich tapestry of festivities. Our students, across different colleges, cherish a blend of patriotic, religious, and cultural celebrations. While we encourage participation in events that foster national pride and religious harmony, we also embrace the vibrancy of various themed days and youth festivals. Our campus thrives as a hub of creativity and unity, where students actively engage in a spectrum of events, celebrating the spirit of togetherness and camaraderie.

Herbal Garden

MAM UNIVERSITY takes pride in its well-maintained Herbal Garden, spanning 4472.95 sq.m of land and showcasing over 10114 medicinal plants. This 70-year-old garden hosts rare species, playing a crucial role in conserving medicinal plant biodiversity. With meticulously labelled plants and a demonstration room, it serves as an educational hub visited by students and trainees from around the world, fostering a deep appreciation for nature’s healing treasures.


Our library facilities across all faculties ensure a conducive learning environment for our students. The central library attached to our Ayurveda College houses an extensive collection of books, journals, and rare texts, complemented by digital resources and department libraries. Meanwhile, the DPCN Library at our Nursing College offers a resource-rich space with over 3600 books, periodicals, CDs/DVDs, and internet access, fostering comprehensive learning in medical, nursing, and related fields. Both libraries feature study areas, computerized services, and open-access systems, with initiatives like library orientation programs and book bank schemes enhancing accessibility and support for students’ academic pursuits. Additionally, our BCA College and Paramedical Institute also provide library facilities, reflecting our commitment to holistic education and knowledge dissemination across disciplines.


MAM UNIVERSITY boasts the state-of-the-art “KundanbenDinsha Patel Auditorium,” a fully air-conditioned facility with a seating capacity of 325. Located at the DPCN campus, this auditorium serves as the premier venue for a myriad of programs organized by all faculties. From academic seminars to cultural events, the auditorium provides a sophisticated and comfortable space, enhancing the university’s commitment to fostering diverse academic and extracurricular activities.

Seminar Halls

Our commitment to academic excellence extends to our fully equipped seminar halls across all colleges. These halls boast state-of-the-art infrastructure, ensuring a conducive environment for scholarly discourse and professional development. From advanced audiovisual systems to ergonomic seating arrangements, our seminar halls provide the perfect setting for hosting a wide range of events, workshops, and conferences. Whether it’s a research symposium or a guest lecture, our seminar halls stand ready to facilitate meaningful engagement and knowledge exchange among students, faculty, and experts alike.


Our canteen is more than just a place to grab a quick bite—it’s a vibrant hub where students gather to refuel and unwind. We prioritize hygiene and offer a variety of healthy food choices. Serving a diverse menu of delicious and nutritious meals, our canteen caters to varying tastes and dietary preferences. Committed to quality and affordability, our canteen ensures that every meal is not only satisfying but also accessible to all members of our university community.

Student Welfare & Health Care

As an integral part of the Mahagujarat Medical Society (MMS), MAGANBHAI ADENWALA MAHAGUJARAT UNIVERSITY extends a commitment to comprehensive student welfare. Under the umbrella of MMS, our university ensures access to essential medical services through two prominent hospitals: Sheth H.J Mahagujarat Hospital, a renowned general hospital, and P.D Patel Ayurvedic Hospital, specializing in Ayurvedic healthcare. As a beneficiary of MMS’s network, our students receive free basic medical services in times of emergency or need. This collaboration underscores our dedication to providing holistic support and ensuring the well-being of our university community.


We believe in nurturing holistic development among our students, transcending beyond mere academic learning. We have our own sports ground. Our campus provides ample facilities to foster extracurricular activities, with a special emphasis on sports and games. Regular tournaments, events, competitions, and celebrations are organized to encourage participation and camaraderie among students. From intra-college to inter-college sports and games, our students actively engage in various activities, promoting teamwork, leadership, and overall well-being. At our university, we strive to create an environment where students can excel not only academically but also in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.