Student Startups and Innovation Policy (SSIP)
Student Startups and Innovation Policy (SSIP) is a unique initiative of Government of Gujarat. It has been developed for providing assistance to Startups/ Innovation. Under this scheme, any individual/ group of individuals having innovative idea/ Concept will be eligible and/ or Universities/ education institutions, Incubation Centre/ PSUs/ R&D Institutions/ Private and other establishments will be eligible as an institution to support and mentor to innovators as approved by Committee. The main purpose is to create an integrated, state-wide, university-based innovation ecosystem to support innovations and ideas of young students and provide a conducive environment for optimum harnessing of their creative pursuit.

The key objectives of the policy are

  • To develop student centric Innovation and Pre incubation Ecosystem for Students (IPIES)
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills among students and
  • To inculcate a culture of innovation-driven
  • To promote new technology/ knowledge/ innovation-based
  • To build a vibrant startups ecosystem, by establishing a network between academia, Industries and other institutes.
  • To create environment for creativity to flourish and an end-to-end support system in educational institutions to allow ample support to ideas for better execution
  • To create pathways for mind to market by harnessing and handholding projects/ research/ innovation/ ideas of students.
  • To create a common platform to showcase, support and upscale innovations for motivating stakeholders as well as for an opportunity to create value for money and value for many.

In view of this context MAM university has instituted “Start-up & Innovation Cell”. The following faculty members of the university are appointed at the active members of the cell to perform the various activities related with the mission and objective of the scheme as well as the MAM university.

List of Members of Student Startup and Innovation Cell

1Dr. Dhaval DholakiyaCoordinatorJSAM Nadiad
2Dr. Vidhi BapanaMemberJSAM Nadiad
3Dr. Ankit PaneliyaMemberJSAM Nadiad
4Mrs. Arpita VaidyaMemberDPCN Nadiad
5Dr. Matangeeben PandyaMemberJSAM Nadiad
6Dr. JohnsonMemberJSAM Nadiad
7Dr. Brinda Kanakhara ShahMember SecretaryJSAM Nadiad

Role of Committee for Student Startup and Innovation Cell
The major role of Cell is as under,

  • To provide guidance and act as a mentor for SSIP
  • To guide and help the candidate for the financial assistance under SSIP
  • To arrange workshops/seminar/training courses on IPR
  • To provide assistance for the Mentoring support to innovators
  • To implement SSIP policy at the campus
  • To build a strong network of SSIP Experts
  • To keep records notes of the all activities of the SSIP
  • To publish the report of activities on web as well in media in consultation with the MAM
  • To assist and support to secure regional industrial technology/Local innovation through SSIP