Established in 1938 by Vaidya Sundarlal Joshi, J S ĀyurvedaMahāvidyālaya (JSAM) was born from a fervent patriotic spirit and the profound inspiration of Shri SardarVallabhbhai Patel. Initially established as a grant-in-aid institute, its journey took a transformative turn in 2007 when our managing organization, the Mahagujarat Medical Society (MMS), recognized its untapped potential. Choosing to take charge of its own destiny, JSAM transitioned into a self-financed institution. This pivotal shift granted the institute autonomy in decision-making, empowering it to chart its own course towards advancement. With a singular focus on the enhancement of Āyurveda education, research, and healthcare, JSAM embarked on a unified mission. Since then, both the college and hospital have witnessed remarkable strides forward in education and patient care, marking a testament to their unwavering commitment to professional development and progress in the realm of Āyurveda.