1. Teaching and training in the University in the field of higher education and make provisions for research activities fitting to the need of the time in the various educational fields.
  2. To establish, maintain and manage educational institutions and centres of excellence, to create, organize, preserve and disseminate knowledge in the field of Sciences, technology, humanities, social sciences, education, management, commerce, law, pharmacy, medical,
  3. paramedical and any other field and to provide research facilities, distance learning programmes in higher and professional education, including e-learning facilities of high order.
  4. To develop infrastructure for research, higher education, professional education, training, teaching, extension and outreach, including continuing education and e-learning, to create capabilities for upgrading infrastructure to global standards.
  5. To offer the academic programmes of University through online examination, correspondence and any other mode matching with environmental developments such as technology need, after obtaining appropriate approvals from the regulatory bodies and the State Government.
  6. To set up off-campus centres, study centres and examination centres within the state, subject to the permission of the regulatory bodies and the State Government.
  7. To create higher levels of intellectual abilities.
  8. To establish state of the art facilities for education and training.
  9. To create Centres of Excellence for research and development and for sharing knowledge with the society.
  10. To provide consultancy to the industry and public organizations.
  11. To confer degrees, diplomas’, grant certificates and other academic distinctions on the basis of examination or any other method of evaluation subject to approval of the regulatory bodies viz. UGC, AYUSH, MCI, DCI and Nursing Council and any other similar establishments by the Central Government / State Government,  for regulating the standard of education and allied matters.
  12. To provide for arrangement for national and global participation in the field of higher education.
  13. To establish close linkage with the industry to make teaching, training & research at the University, relevant to the needs of the society, at national and international level.
  14. To pursue any other objectives as may be approved by the State Government / Central Government