On completion of the Certificate Course In Operation Theatre Assistant course students will be able to:

  1. Review of types of cells and tissues.
  2. Understand the basics about the anatomy of joints and types of bones.
  3. Describe the Anatomy and Physiology of different systems in the human body
  4. Learn the principles of general and local anaesthesia, and the organizational structure, equipment, tools and instruments.
  5. Learn about patients’ admission to the operating room and their transfer to the recovery room, the way to manage patients’ airways, the way to prepare patients, and monitoring principles of various body systems.
  6. Learn about the resuscitation techniques and proper BLS and ACLS for both Adult and Paediatric patients.
  7. They will know the anaesthesia methods, the way to prepare patients for general or local anaesthesia.
  8. They will have the knowledge of peripheral nerve blocks, methods of laying the patient on the operating room bed, the way to monitor various body systems, and patient care at various stages
  9. To learn how to prepare patient for different surgeries and anaesthesia techniques.
  10. To learn different patient positions inside the OT and know the uses of different surgical instruments.
  11. To learn about the Principle and Physiology of Mechanical Ventilation also know modes, disinfection and sterilization of this device.
  12. To learn about the Principle of Oxygen administration, different devices used and also learn about acid base balance and electrolyte imbalance
  13. To monitor, position and know the requirements of instruments and equipment used during the surgeries.
  14. To assist surgeons and anaesthesiologists in peri-operative procedures.
  15. Understand the legal and Ethical consideration needed for handling patients. Learn rules and regulations for medical practice. Learn quality, care and skills for Healthcare.
This course is designed to assist students to develop a broad understanding of anatomy and physiology of human body, basic and advanced anaesthesia techniques and equipments. Further, it will provide opportunity to students to understand skills in patient care in pre and post surgery.
Certificate Course in Operation Theatre Assistant is to educate health care providers to be a competent in monitoring of patient who required anaesthesia and to practice safely with knowledge, integrity, and respect for human dignity.