1. To train and upgrade the knowledge of BAMS doctors in prasutitantra Evam Streeroga subject with practical and theorical sessions.
  2. To developed skill and confident in Ayurveda graduates to treat various gynecological diseases like infertility, PCOS, menstrual diseases, uterine fibroid, adenomyosis , prolapsed, leucorrhoea etc.
  3. To provide applied knowledge of various local procedures like, Yonipchu, Yoni Prakshalana, , Kshara karma, Agnikarma (cauterization) , Yonopotali , Sthanika Snehana and Swedana, Yonidhupana, and Uttarabasti, Shukra basti (IUI) in the Management of gynaecological diseases.
  4. To develop clinical skill regarding antental and postnatal care, Garbha Samskara and management of minor ailments of pregnancy and puerperium through Ayurved .

This Course will help one to learn, get practically and theatrically trained in treatment of Gynaecological and Obstetric diseases like Vandhyatva (Infertility), Yonibhramsha(genital Prolapsed), Svetapradara (Leucorrhoea), cerical erosion, Artvavyapad (Menstrual Disorders), Artava dushti (PCODs), Garbhini paricharya, Garbha Samsakara ,Sutika Paricharya etc. Candadite will become confident in Sthanika chikitsa (Local Gynecological And Obesteric Procedures) related to subject.

Prasuti-tantra deals with complete knowledge of diagnosis, investigation and treatment in Antental care, pregnancy related complications, delivery nand post delivery care as per Ayurveda and modern context ,stree roga deals with Ayurved management of gynaecological Diseases as wel as maintenance of reproductive health. Department of Prasuti-tantra and Stree roga focuses on a complete care off women from menarche to menopause and beyond.It not only advocates treatment for various disorders in women but also suggests various regimens at each important transitional phases like Rajahswala charya during the menstrual phase, garbhasamskara to achieve healthy progeny , Garbhini paricharya (Ante natal care) during pregnancy and Sutika paricharya after delivery.