On completion of the Certificate Course In Nursing Assistant course students will be able to :

  1. Perform routine tasks in the general care of hospital, clinic, and nursing home patients.
  2. Describe the role of the nurse assistant in caring for elder clients and those with alterations in health care.
  3. Describe the roles and responsibilities of the nurse assistant related to ethical & legal standards of the profession.
  4. Use simple problem-solving skills when giving care to elderly clients & clients with alterations in health.
  5. Describe professional communications skills specific to the nurse assistant as a member of the health care team.
  6. Describe select nurse-assisting interventions designed to meet the holistic needs of clients.
  7. Describe basic nurse assisting skills to ensure a safe environment & personal safety for the client.
  8. Describe specific caring behaviours that are important when caring for clients & communication with members of the health care team.
  9. Describe the signs and symptoms of specific diseases, conditions & alterations in client behaviour.
  10. Apply the principles of nutrition & fluid balance to client care.
  11. Describe the special care needs of elder clients in the acute & long-term care settings.
  12. Describe the basic skills & procedures needed for clients in emergencies.
  13. Perform basic therapeutic, maintenance & preventative interventions identified in the client’s plan of care appropriate to the nurse assistant role.
  14. Function as a member of the health care team within the health care facility.
  15. Demonstrate behaviours that are in accordance with accepted standards of practice & ethical guidelines within the role of the nurse assistant.
  16. Demonstrate simple problem solving to provide care to clients with alterations in health under the direction of the nursing staff.
  17. Demonstrate appropriate communication skills with clients with alterations in health.
  18. Demonstrate caring behaviours when interacting with clients in acute & long-term agencies.
  19. Demonstrate skills necessary to ensure a safe environment & protection of the client.
  20. Implement nursing assistant skills that relate to basic & holistic client needs.
  21. Communicate client response to appropriate nursing personnel through recording & reporting.
  22. Apply common medical terms used for the simple organization of the body, major organs & medical abbreviations.


This course is designed to assist students to develop a broad understanding of fundamental principles, concepts, trends and issues related to nursing. Further, it would provide opportunity to students to understand, appreciate and acquire skills in nursing care.


Certificate Course in Nursing Assistant is to educate health care providers to become caring, sensitive nursing assistants who value lifelong learning and who practice safely and responsibly with knowledge, integrity, and respect for human dignity.